The fulfillment and shipping of orders is a time consuming process. We take care of the logistics process for companies and webshops, to the finest details. This means that our expert employees receive the products, inspect, store and prepare these for delivery.  Moreover, we like to make an extra effort for our customers and think along with you on how we can meet and exceed your additional requirements.
Specialized in fulfillment we serve amongst others the following sectors:

  • Technology | Consumer electronics
  • Media products
  • Beauty | Health Care
  • Fashion & Apparel | Accessories
  • Lifestyle productss


Our tailor-made warehouse management system enables us to provide you with a complete and up-to-date overview of your stock.

Through built-in features such as high-frequency cycle counts, optimum stock management is significantly easier for you to achieve.Outbound consignments are always subjected to a final check before dispatch to ensure that the right goods are sent to the right recipients.

Inbound consignments are always inspected in the way we agree with our clients and any non-conformities are immediately reported.


Using barcode scanners, the picking process is carried out optimally and with the lowest possible risk of errors. Depending on your wishes, your goods can be placed in packaging displaying your house brand or in neutral packaging and prepared for dispatch to addresses not only in the Netherlands and EU, but also in a wide range of other countries including the US, South America, Africa, Australia, Asia  and the Middle East. We can also assume complete responsibility for printing the labels required for delivering your consignments.


We guarantee fast processing of returns, which is vitally important for efficient stock management and keeping your customers satisfied.

Especially in the fashion segment, processing returns has to be professional and above all fast. Together with our clients, we draw up specific instructions and service level agreements.

With us, processing returns obviously includes (re)packing goods so that your consignments are always delivered to your customers in optimum condition.



We offer our clients an extensive range of VAL options. Repacking goods, kit assembly, inserting gifts, flyers, user instructions, etc. are just a few examples of the services we provide. Besides standard conditions such as FIFO and LIFO, our WMS (Warehouse Management System) can work with goods with a specific sell-by date or that require special additions.

(Web shop) logistics is not all about correct receipt, reliable storage and correct delivery of your goods.  Therefore, our clients can expect a large scale of extra services from us. These include all secondary (production) activities that can be necessary before the product is ready for shipping. For example:

  • Wrapping, packaging, re-packaging or bundling
  • Labeling or pricing
  • Sealing
  • Quality control
  • Re-conditioning
  • Fiscal representation
  • Order management
  • Custom activities
  • Invoicing and payment