We offer our clients an extensive range of VAL options. Repacking goods, kit assembly, inserting gifts, flyers, user instructions, etc. are just a few examples of the services we provide. Besides standard conditions such as FIFO and LIFO, our WMS (Warehouse Management System) can work with goods with a specific sell-by date or that require special additions.

(Web shop) logistics is not all about correct receipt, reliable storage and correct delivery of your goods.  Therefore, our clients can expect a large scale of extra services from us. These include all secondary (production) activities that can be necessary before the product is ready for shipping. For example:

  • Wrapping, packaging, re-packaging or bundling
  • Labeling or pricing
  • Sealing
  • Quality control
  • Re-conditioning
  • Fiscal representation
  • Order management
  • Custom activities
  • Invoicing and payment