For your storage we manage your inventory

We offer a highly strategic location, including all necessary facilities with applications to  provide full stock visibility in real time


Smart inventory management can lead quickly to lower stockholding and higher performance. With our applications we provide comprehensive insight into stocks and goods flows, including Key Performance Indicators and strategic stock levels. All the information is in real time and within just one well-ordered system. You decide which important facts or figures you want to display.We help reduce your inventory and thus lower your inventory costs.


With us you are in control of the inbound and outbound logistics process, for ensuring greater accuracy over inventory management.Our automated inbound process goes beyond simply receiving and putting away incoming products. We check the goods for damage and defects, palletize or move to assigned bin locations. Inbounding also includes registration of serial numbers, staging and strict quarantine procedures.Our outbound process, powered by our  logistics applications ensures fast, efficient and reliable shipment preparation.

This includes packing, staging, checking and loading. Steps are documented digitally, allowing for real-time insight into our transport management and warehouse management system.