Key crossborder e-fulfilment hotspot of 
The Netherlands and Europe 

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Our DC is located in Heerlen in the province of Limburg, which is an internationally recognized logistics hotspot. In the field of cross-border e-fulfilment and logistics, Limburg rose from 3 to 2 in the ranking of logistics hotspots. Due to the multitude of transporters, logistics service providers, chain directors and specialized support services, there is an excellent mix of logistics chain partners. 30 million consumers can be reached from Limburg within a distance of 100 kilometers, a strategic location in relation to the large European consumer market. 
The good connection with important ports such as Rotterdam and Antwerp provides excellent infrastructure conditions.


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Limburg operates as an e-fulfillment hotspot on the market for organizations with pan-European e-fulfillment activities and organizations with adjacent supply activities that need to outsource and / or establish their pan-European e-fulfillment activities in European logistics hotspots. The province of Limburg is of great importance for the transit of orders to the rest of the EU. The province of Limburg has a large number of fulfillment centers that carry out storage, pick & pack and shipping for large companies and webshops. Reasons for the high concentration of logistics companies in the province are obvious:


● Limburg is at the heart of Europe within strategic reach of every European destination in just a matter of hours

● strategic location in relation to the rest of the Netherlands

● relatively low rents/storage costs compared to other provinces in The Netherlands 

●  The central position between Rotterdam, Antwerp, Amsterdam and the rest of Europe makes Limburg the no. 1 logistics hotspot


Limburg is the number one European hotspot for logistics operations measured by connections onto the economic network, transportation costs, land costs and availability of personnel. The European market: in radius of 100 km one can reach 30 million consumers, within 500 km 170 million consumers.


At border locations there are advantages when it comes to shipping rates to other European countries. This also applies to cut-off times: from an e-fulfillment distribution center in the province of Limburg, it appears possible to use a cut-off time of 19:00 in the evening, while from a location in the province of Brabant, for example, often applies in the afternoon .
From central and north Limburg it is easy to connect to the logistics networks of surrounding countries. The advantage of central and northern Limburg is that parcels from Limburg do not first have to go to a national distribution point in the Netherlands and immediately enter international transit traffic. North and Central Limburg is the most suitable location for e-fulfillment warehouses that deliver pan-European (or in several European countries).


The Limburg region offers a trimodal established network of rail, road and water connections. The most important inland rail terminals can be found in Venlo, Venray, Born, Stein and Sittard-Geleen. Inland harbors are located in Venlo, Venray, Born and Maastricht. Limburg offers various smaller transshipment locations via water and rail. High concentration of 3PL’s , close to integrator hubs DHL, TNT, FedEx and UPS.

North-South: A2/E25 and A73/E31
East-West: A67/E34 and A76/E314

Water and Rail :
1 Barge Terminal Venray
2 Barge & Rail Terminals Venlo
3 Barge Terminal Roermond
4 Barge & Rail Terminal Born
5 Barge & Rail Terminal Stein
6 Rail Terminal Chemelot
7 Barge & Rail Terminal Maastricht
8 Barge Terminal Weert

9 Maastricht Aachen Airport


International business climate
• An open culture with an international mindset
• Vibrant cosmopolitan community combining business and creativity
• Excellent quality of life and relatively low cost of living

Tax and costs
• A beneficial tax system with competitive 25% corporate tax rate
• A 30% tax ruling for foreign employees • Relatively low costs of doing business

• A highly motivated, well-educated and multilingual labour force.
• Most people speak English and 75% speak 3 languages 
• Competitive labour and operational expenses


  • Proximity to consumer markets
  • Proximity to LSP and Freight Forwarder network: late cut-off times & short lead times
  • Relatively low land costs
  • Logistics expertise
  • Availability of skilled and multilingual workforce
  • Competitive fiscal climate
  • Multimodal connectivity